It is a powerful technique you can use to focus your awareness on the present moment, and it helps you acknowledge, accept and cope with painful or intrusive thoughts, feelings and sensations. It takes just a few minutes and can be done almost anywhere.

Working with you to help you move away from a chaotic life and towards a life that you find personally meaningful and fulfilling

Understand And Manage General Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Understand And Manage Depression program consists of 6 lessons. It intends to improve mental energy and to brighten up future life

Sleep quality and quantity varies from night to night. Different types of insomnia show different sleep patterns.Therefore, the assessment of the insomnia is very important. This assessment includes: 1. mental health assessment 2. sleep diary assessment

Lesson one- Understanding Your Insomnia

Lesson two- Managing Thoughts and Behaviours

lesson three- Practicing Skills Of Managing Thoughts and Behaviours

Lesson four-Tackling Difficulties Of Sleep, Obtain Your Skills ( mindfulness, relaxation, hypnoses etc), and Maintaining Your Gains

CBT Course isĀ  9-lesson- program. After completion of the program, you can help yourself or help others by using CBT techniques.